How to find out (for FREE!) if you have a potential case

If you have recently been the victim of assault and/or battery (which means threats and/or injuries intentionally caused by someone else against you), or even if you might be getting sued for assault, you probably want to find out if you have a case. A good battery/assault lawyer can get you thousands of dollars in damages awarded to you by the courts, but you have to pay the lawyer fees as well.

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What to Do About Assault and Battery Charges

There are many criminal offenses in the legal system. These acts range from minor misdemeanors to felonies. One of the most common and well known is assault and battery. This action is known as willful use of physical violence towards another person. Assault and battery charges can stem from hitting a person by kicking or punching and at times using a weapon such as a knife, or other object that can cause harm. At times people will be charged with aggravated assault and battery and this is a crime of considerable magnitude. Anyone who is convicted of this can be sentenced to one or more years in prison depending on the severity of the crime.

When charged with assault and battery, the first thing a person must do is to retain an experienced and competent criminal defense attorney. The attorney will examine the situation, analyze the circumstances and then try to figure out a way to either lessen the charges or get them eliminated altogether. During the defense process the attorney will attempt to address the court that the person who committed assault and battery was someone who was in danger of experiencing physical harm and was acting out in self defense. This is among the most common ways to avoid and overcome this criminal charge.

If a person is arrested for such an offense then they need to immediately get access to a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense. Once this is done the person charged will likely be let out of jail and be ordered to go to court. Once the person goes to court they then are asked to plead either guilty or not guilty. Depending on the circumstances and from the attorney’s outlook the person charged will need to make a decision.

If a conviction is likely due to the circumstances then they plead guilty and plea bargain to get a light sentence or probation. However if there is much reason to believe that the assailant was in a defensive situation then they plead not guilty and then a trial is set. During the trial a jury is chosen to examine the case and the defense and prosecution go over the case. After about a week the jury then decides the fate of the criminal defendant. If guilty then a sentence is imposed and if not guilty then the defendant is acquitted.

If you are ever charged with assault and battery the best thing to do is immediately get a criminal defense attorney, discuss the circumstances and then you and the attorney will examine and address the matter from this point on.

When to Look for Battery Attorneys

The term assault and battery when it comes to the legal definition is very broad. The very first thing that a person thinks of when they see the word assault and battery is someone who has been seriously attacked and beaten so bad that they were put in the hospital. Not so. Assault and battery can constitute any kind of attack, fight, struggle, or altercation where physical conduct was made between two or more parties. The following is a look to when a person should consult with assault and battery attorneys.

According to West’s Encyclopedia of American Law the definition of assault and battery is an assault upon a victim that is carried out by striking the victim, knocking down the victim, or otherwise doing violence to. So basically, it is going up to someone and attacking them for no reason. When an assault and battery case becomes before the court it is usually someone who has attacked someone for no reason. If you are attacked in this sort of fashion, the very first place that you should go to is an assault and battery attorney. If you did not provoke the attack, the person who assaulted you will face some serious legal action. The main thing is to not be afraid and stand up for your legal rights.

If you are the person that is being charged with assault and battery you too should talk with an assault and battery defense attorney. You may have been charged with assault and battery but there maybe more to the story. You could have had an altercation with someone and when the police showed up, you were the one that was charged. Both parties may have been charged. If you get a good assault and battery attorney they will be able to help defend you and better yet may unveil discrepancies in the police report or the other parties’ story which may in turn be able to exonerate you.

No matter what side of the assault and battery altercation that you may be on, don’t be turned away from going to an assault and battery attorney. In the end, it may save you money and jail time.